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Renee Lemens
Senior Executive Vice President
Green Bay, WI

Renee has been involved with Medicare insurance sales since the start of the 1990's. Early in her career, Renee was employed as both an independent insurance agent, and as a captive insurance agent. Through her field experience in direct senior health insurance sales, Renee gained an extensive working knowledge of the many challenges and opportunities faced by insurance agents. Her career took a new path about thirteen years ago when she joined Jack Schroeder and Associates (JSA) as its Brokerage Manager, and pivoted from selling insurance to consumers to marketing insurance to insurance agents. In addition to serving as JSA's Brokerage Manager, Renee's newest position at JSA is that of Chief Compliance Officer. Her in-depth knowledge of insurance regulations aptly serves to keep JSA employees and its agents compliant with all the laws while they promote and sell insurance plans. Renee has acquired a unique perspective on selling insurance to the senior market and she enjoys speaking to all kinds of groups about issues affecting the current senior health insurance market. She regularly travels to venues across the nation to address all the pertinent subjects regarding Medicare and other senior market health insurance topics.

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